NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Certified Fitness Nutritionist

Certified P90X Instructor by BeachBody

Certified TRX Suspension Trainer

Arizona State University

B.S. Health Science, emphasis in Health Education/ Nutrition (2016)

A.A. Science, Math, Engineering

Awards/ Achievements:

  • 2012 FitUSA Overall Bikini Champion-
  • 2012 NPC San Jose- 2nd Place Bikini Winner
  • 2012-2014-Sponsored Fitness Athlete, Beast Sports Nutrition
  • Fitness Modeling with, Beast Sports Nutrition, Rated M Body wear by Mario Lopez
  • Classical Ballet (10 years experience) 

Five things that make me happy: 

1. Being in the mountains and doing any outdoor sport/activity. Favorite activities include (but not limited to): Hiking, Paddle boarding, Kayaking, Snowboarding, Cruising on my bike. 

2. Corny jokes. Seriously, I'll laugh at my own jokes because I think I'm hilarious and not a lot of people get my humor.

3. Realizing that you've unexpectedly made Happy Hour when you show up at a restaurant to eat. Who doesn't love deals on drinks and appetizers?!

​4. My dogs. They are my children and I have 839749352 photos of them on my phone. And yes, I will show them to you if I get the chance. 

4. Cold beer. 'Nuff said. 

Owner of The Body Fix, Fitness & Nutrition, LLC.

Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. ​

Hi there. I'm

WELCOME! I'm here to help anyone who is struggling to lose weight, find balance, and get the motivation they need to reach their goals. Or maybe you're bored, uninspired, afraid, unsure, skeptical, uninformed, or just stuck. For whatever reason brought you here today, thank you. You are making an exciting decision to take control of your health and transform your life! 

If you don't know me personally there are a few things I'd like to share about myself that explain how and why I developed The Body Fix, Fitness & Nutrition, LLC. If I had to describe my philosophy in one word it would be balance. Why balance, you ask? Let me start by giving you a little background on my personal fitness journey...

Growing up I always stayed active. My parents always kept me in sports throughout my youth until I was introduced to dance. After my first dance class I fell in love with it and dedicated my adolescent years to dance and theatre. I was trained in classical ballet for 10 years where I developed core strength, flexibility, dynamic and functional training techniques, and most importantly, where I can credit my entire foundation of mind/body connection.  I dabbled in other varieties of dance throughout those years, hip hop, jazz, tap... all contributing the foundation I have developed today.

Although I never developed a fitness regime in the gym, dancing kept me fit without realizing it. After completing 10 wonderful years of ballet, I traded in my pointe shoes for gym sneakers and learned other forms of physical fitness. At first, working out started as just a hobby. And to be perfectly honest, in the beginning, I was a cardio bunny. I was "skinny fat". I wasn't informed on how to properly use weights and the amazing benefit it would have on my body. I only used the weight machines and mimicked what I saw others doing from my view from the cardio annex. Although I wasn't noticing a huge change in my physique, I could feel a difference in myself. I had more energy and I felt amazing! That's when I sought out as much information as I could about weight training.

After compiling my research I developed a program for myself that actually worked. I was so impressed with myself (still am, hehe). I was at a point in my life where going to the gym became part of my daily routine. All the while, I was taking classes in college but I didn't have any direction or passion for anything I'd want to make a career out of. I took classes here and there but never dove into a specific program. It took a couple of years of this routine before I realized that I was doing what I loved without realizing it. Being healthy and fit made me happy and sharing my experiences and what I learned with others made me even happier because it inspired others. I knew this was a pivotal moment for me and from then on all of my choices were to reach where I am today. 

In 2012 I decided to step out of my comfort zone by entering 's Fit USA Competition. Up until this point I used their online community as a main resource for anything and everything health and fitness so naturally I come across their competition advertisement. I discretely submitted my photos and bio on the very last day they were accepting applications not expecting much to come of it. But lo and behold, I was selected as one of their Top 10 Finalists to compete in the final competition out of state! Whaaaaaat?! (Queue fan-girling. *high-fiving a million Angels*) Needless to say, I was pretty stoked. Come to find I had only 5 weeks until I needed to be stage ready. At this point, I knew enough about training to stay healthy and fit but to take my physique to the next level... I was overwhelmed. Enter, personal trainer. 

During my preparation for the Fit USA Competition, I absorbed an abundance of new information and techniques about training. Not only was I learning it as a lover of fitness but I was putting my body to the test and experiencing it first hand. I took this training opportunity to prep for another show that would take place four weeks after the Fit USA show. This is where I was introduced to the NPC (National Physique Committee). I trained, sacrificed, dieted, trained some more, and repeated the process over and over again. It felt like an eternity. But all of the training paid off. I stepped on stage at my first show ('s 2012 Fit USA Competition) and placed 1st and won the Overall, and just four weeks later competed in 2012 NPC San Jose where I took 2nd place in the Bikini Division! 

Shortly after my competitions I was approached by and had the opportunity to model their B-Elite Clothing Series that would release later that year on their online store. I also had the privilege to model with Mario Lopez for his RatedM Body Wear line. Thanks to I was asked by Beast Sports Nutrition supplement company to be a part of the Sponsored Athletes Team. I had the opportunity to work with so many amazing people in the fitness industry with these companies who continue to influence millions of people every day. I was consistently training for competitions and prepping for appearances and expos to ensure that my body was in top shape. Needless to say there was a LOT of pressure on me to look a certain way.

The yo-yo dieting and training eventually wore me so thin I burnt out. There was no balance. I felt trapped in a place where I was judged by how I looked 24/7. If stepping on stage during a competition feeling completely vulnerable while strangers judge and decide your fate wasn't hard enough, being surrounded by thousands of fitness professionals and athletes revealing their six-pack abs year round was the icing on the cake. I would think to myself "I need to train harder, eat better"... but really I was isolating myself from my family and friends and focusing on only my physique. Being in that mind set is lonely and dark, and I would never want anyone to feel the way I felt. I needed to take a step back from that life and learn what it was like to have balance again. 

During this time I've used myself as a guinea pig to many forms of training styles, techniques, and meal programs/diets to find what is the most sustainable way to get the body and life I wanted. I am so passionate about helping others find true happiness and self acceptance with the balance of proper nutrition, physical fitness, and exploring the amazing things our world has to offer. I invite you to make a commitment to yourself to live healthier, be more active, and enjoy the adventures of life! Let me help you transform your life and feel amazing! Oh, and I'll also make you look hot :) 

but you can call me, liz.

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