​​Fitness & Nutrition, LLC.




12-week Custom Fitness Program:
Avg. $200/month x 3 months = $600
-Weekly follow-ups

-Your custom fitness program is based on individual body composition and goals, current activity level and individual ability. 
*I also offer meal programs to assist you with your goals as an addition to this package. Please refer to Nutrition section of services. 

Total Monthly for Custom Workouts Only: $200/month

Lifestyle Coaching- no commitment:

This package is for anyone looking to receive advice and direction with the underlying basis of health and fitness. If you have a general understanding of your personal health goals but are looking for someone to hold you accountable, ask questions, or just need advice then this package is for you! This is also a great package for those looking for tips and suggestions on how to improve their overall sense of self. Encompassing mind, body, and spirit to enhance every aspect of your life!

Lifestyle Coaching is billed on a monthly basis at $30/month.

*This package cannot be taken advantage of for breaking down specific/in-depth dietary needs as specified in other nutritional programs offered*

*Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding fitness programs or coaching*