Only at the end of her third week of training my client (anonymous) is already down 2 inches in her waist, 2 pounds, and is already seeing a noticeable difference in her physique and performance! No shortcuts, just hard work and dedication! 

Kami came to me looking to lean out and gain some lean muscle and all her hard work has certainly paid off thus far! Kami has lost 4lbs her first month and lost 2 inches in her waist and filled out her glutes by 1 whole inch by month TWO!

​Age: 25

Pushkar is one month into his training and adapting to his new lifestyle and his determination has helped him lose... Wait for it... 11 INCHES!! On day one we took a fit test and one month later Pushkar was able improve his plank hold for 10 more seconds, increased his wall sit by 9 seconds, bicep curls by 13 reps, push-ups by 10 reps, and sit-ups by a whopping 32 reps! 

Check out the in-depth review of her experience and weight-loss testimonial of a current client on her BLOG linked below!

    Liz is, by far, the best trainer I’ve ever had. While some trainers come up with a series of unfocused work outs, Liz creates a program that focuses on all areas of your body and the results are incredible. She does an amazing job at keeping you motivated and helping you persevere even when you want to quit, eat a burrito, and take a nap! 

    Liz is also great at handling injuries. I have wrist issues that prevent me from doing many exercises and Liz comes up with great modifications that don’t sacrifice the effectiveness of the workout and completely save my wrists! 

    Ever since I started working out with Liz, I have way more energy, I feel strong, and my clothes look better than they ever have. If you’re looking for a trainer, Liz is definitely the way to go!

-Emily, 23


​​Fitness & Nutrition, LLC.


Sharon has made so much progress over the course of three years! Since starting her program, Sharon has developed a deeper understanding about the importance of health and fitness and has completely changed her way of life. She has adopted healthier eating habits and is always hitting the gym the days we aren't training together. Sharon has even taken up outdoor cycling as a new hobby! 

Give it up for Kathy, a client I had the pleasure of training for over a year, lost about 70lbs and gained over 10lb of lean muscle! She is a shining example of how dedication and commitment to your fitness program can bring extraordinary results! Kathy was so dedicated and it definitely shows! She kept crushing goal after goal after goal! This woman #gotgoals and she won't let ANYTHING stop her! 

I've been training Emily on a consistent basis for two years now and she never ceases to amaze me! In the first three months of starting her program she lost 10 pounds of body fat, gained 5 pounds of muscle, and went from 27% body fat to 22%! Go Emily!


​​​​     Liz has been my personal trainer for the greater part of three years now and has helped me a tremendous amount.  Prior to meeting Liz, I made the decision to lose weight and improve control of my diabetes.  After doing home video workouts for several months, I became bored and decided to sign up for a gym membership.  When I began going to the gym, I only used the cardio equipment because I didn’t know how to use much of the other equipment.  So, I decided to hire a personal trainer and began working with Liz Brown. 

     When we began, my body fat percentage was in the unhealthy range and my fitness level was marginal, at best.  I could not even do a single push up.  In fact, I had never been able to do push-ups in my life, and I was well past 40 at the time.  Liz assessed my fitness level and together we agreed upon short and long-term fitness goals. 

She developed a fitness program to help me improve my cardio vascular conditioning and build muscle mass that included our training sessions as well as homework.  During our first several months together, my fitness level improved – my 

weight and body fat percentage dropped, my cardio vascular endurance improved, and for the first time in my life, I could finally do push-ups! Most importantly, my health improved and I was able to reduce the medications I take to control diabetes.

     Liz has a passion for fitness and nutrition that is contagious!  She pushes and encourages me to do more than I think I can physically do.  We continue to work together and she continues to help me stay motivated.  Liz genuinely cares about her clients and is committed to helping them achieve their goals…she has certainly helped me.

​-Sharon, 50