All Personal Training sessions are 50-minutes in length unless otherwise noted. All Loyalty Training packages and Partners Training Packages include a complimentary 25-minute fitness assessment as well as a 25-minute sample training session to be completed in one 50-minute session.

All Programs include:

Personalized Meal Programs specific for each individual's goals

Customized Training Plan

24-hour email support

Measurements and Progress check-ins

*30 Day Notice of Discontinuation*

Loyalty Training:
*Loyalty Training packages expire 30 days from the date of your first session. The sessions are serviced on a 7-day cycle for the 30 days. Sessions will not roll over to the following week if a session is missed on the participant’s behalf. Loyalty packages are billed on a monthly basis and require 30 days notice to discontinue. 

3x/week (30 day cycles) 12 sessions/month
$600 per month ($50/session)

2x/ week (30 day cycles)8 sessions/month
$440 per month ($55/session)

1x/ week (30 day cycles)4 sessions/ month
$240 ($60/session)

Single Sessions (No Commitment)


Partners Training:

3x/week (30 day cycles) 12 sessions/month
$480/month, per participant ($40/session per participant)

2x/ week (30 day cycles) 8 sessions/month
$360/month, per participant ($45/session per participant)

1x/ week (30 day cycles) 4 sessions/ month
$200/month, per participant ($50/session per participant)

Single Session partner's training (No Commitment)

$55/session (per participant) 

Consultation/ Fitness Assessment:

50-minutes: Complimentary

12-week Custom Fitness Program:
$300/month x 3 months = $900

-Weekly follow-ups

This package is designed for those who have a good understanding of proper form, technique and understand the foundation of most exercises. If you are self motivated and have a lot of self discipline and dedication to your personal goals then this will be a good option for you. I also offer meal programs to assist you with your goals as an addition to this package.

*Custom fitness programs require a Fitness Assessment for any local clients. The fitness assessment is to determine any muscular imbalances that require any corrective exercise/corrective foam rolling/stretching into the program. The Fitness Assessment can be purchased separately at the Assessment Rate of $40. An in-depth one-on-one lifestyle interview will also be conducted during the Assessment.   

Total Monthly for Custom Workouts Only:$300/month

24 Hour Notice Policy: If you must reschedule and/or cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled session, you will be charged for that session.

*Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding personal training and/or fitness programs*

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Personal Training

Personal Training